I want to be #1 on the Search Engines!

Really? Are you sure? If that's your only goal then your online business is in trouble.

Your internet marketing goals cannot be so narrowly focused. First of all, there are no guarantees in Search Engine Marketing, and secondly, your real internet marketing goals should be to increase traffic and maximize sales opportunities.

No doubt about it, a number one ranking will bring traffic and may also increase sales but to concentrate all your search engine optimization efforts on one or two key phrases means that you are going to miss out on a significant portion of search traffic.

If a page is worth listing on your site, it is worth optimizing for the content on it. Trying to rewrite everything to stress your most important keyword is a huge mistake that leads to duplicate copy, cheesy text and missed opportunities.

More than 1000 people a day visit senioropolis.com, nearly all from Search Engines and yet no single phrase accounts for more than .5% of the incoming traffic. More often than not, the visitor is searching for retirement homes in a specific city. By concentrating on pulling the wealth of data out of the senioropolis.com database in a manner that a search engine can find it and read it, we've managed to dominate listings from coast to coast and deliver highly focussed traffic to the site.

If we had concentrated on the more generic, 'retirement homes canada' we may well have achieved that coveted #1 but the resulting traffic would be a fraction of what it is now.

NTech has a proven history of creating web sites which rank well on search engines and bring quality traffic to the site. For more information see our Search Engine Optimization page and the Portfolio page.

Why aren't you #1?

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