If your new website does not include responsive design, STOP. Do not waste your money.

The desktop is nearly dead. Tablet and phone use grows every single day, but designing specifically for them is just as wrong. A user expects to be able to view a site when they get to it - not some of it - all of it, and they expect it to be easy and intuitive no matter which of their many devices they are using.

Responsive design is the only true answer. You can design sites that present information one way for desktops and another way for mobile phones but ultimately that means maintaining 3 or more versions of every aspect of your site. Every update you ever have done will have to be done 3 times.

A responsive design respects the differences between the viewing platforms and presents the content in a viewable format, no matter what. No zooming, no right to left scrolling and above all, no extra design work.

Why do YOU have a Website?

Responsive Web Design

All current and future NTech design projects are fully responsive designs that will display equally well regardless of the viewing platform. Read more on Responsive Web Design and why it is no longer an option.