Retirement Homes Directory - Canada is the #1Virtual Seniors Community in Canada. The site is fully responsive and has dominated it's category in search for nearly a decade.

This is a massive site with many unique features. Database driven, it allows clients to update their data but it is not shown until it is approved by an Administrator.

The website database also generates the copy for the annual printed version.


Business Club of London

The Business Club of London is a leads group in London Ontario.

The site is a simple one and is a great example of how you don't really have to 'go big' to get online.

The KISS principle applies. Simple and straight to the point is always a winning strategy online.


Superior Consumables

Superior Consumables Inc. was developed from an ongoing NEED in the ROBOTIC WELDING industry to be more productive.

Whether you are a robotic, manual or Submerged Arc welding facility, pounds of wire deposited per hour are what makes or breaks a profit.


Pad Rentals

Pad Rentals is a property manager in London Ontario featuring quality student housing and single family homes.

Built to be fully managed by the client, the website is equally easy to use regardless of the viewing device.

Harvey S. Goldstein

Harvey S. Goldstein practices family law from his offices in Thornhill Ontario.

For any of the specialized areas of law that Mr. Goldstein practices in the website is consistently returned as the #1 listing on Google for queries in his local area.

Lynhurst Dental

Lynhurst Dental - With careful assessment of each patient, Dr. Gauthier and her associates will strive to deliver the most accurate diagnosis and develop a specific dental care plan based on the individual needs of each person. We believe in maintaining and open dialogue and encourage all of our patients to ask questions, stay informed and be involved in their overall oral health.

Proline Appraisal

Proline Appraisal Services Inc. - Established in 1990 and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Pro Line Appraisal Services is a wholly owned Canadian firm acknowledged as a leader in the appraisal of commercial, industrial and institutional assets.


Tradewave is an independently owned Canadian company with core competencies in the implementation and integration of SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, experienced Project Management and comprehensive E-business solutions. Tradewave runs the EDI department for many fortune 500 companies by maintaining an EDI Outsourcing service bureau capable of handling all your partners’ requirements.  

The Training Medic

The Training Medic is an emergency training specialist.

Having worked in Nursing homes, Retirement residences, Hospitals (Surgical services, medical, emergency and respiratory floors) and on the road as a Primary Care Paramedic, he is able to bring real life experiences to the classroom.

Marine Phytoplankton

UMAC Core - Concentrated Marine Phytoplankton (CMP) is a unique nutrient-rich blend of marine phytoplankton species. CMP is harvested naturally from the pristine temperate coastal waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean.

Direct Mail Marketing

Strictly Addressing is passionate about the effectiveness of direct mail marketing, and we work with our customers to ensure the best possible return on investment.  Strictly Addressing takes away worry, stress and wasted time, while also reducing costs, on your Direct Mail marketing.




HD Installations

HD Installations

Our company goal is to provide expert advice and workmanship to homeowners who see greater value in having their work done correctly the first time, rather than just getting the lowest price .

Netcheck Corporation

Netcheck's trained professionals are equipped with the network monitoring tools and equipment needed to ensure your data networks are operating properly no matter who did the design and installation. We can assist with design and implementation; we can verify standards and operation and we can help you get the most out of your network infrastructure.

1 Acre Country Estate Lots

Bethany Village Has Lots to Choose From!

  • Super-Sized Building Lots – Wide and Deep
  • Awesome View Lots, Forest Lots, Level Open Lots
  • Financing Available On Our Lots
  • Lots Pre-Serviced with Underground Hydro, Gas, and Telephone.
  • Street Lights, Paved Road
  • Most Lots Pre Graded for Building and Septic Site
  • Purchaser to Service Lots with Well and Septic 


New and Used Golf Carts

Doug Garner Golf Cart Shop sells and services new and used golf cars. They offer a select mix of quality used golf carts as well as being the authorized AGT Electric Cars dealer for southwestern Ontario.

Parts, accessories and modifications are also available.

Fuel Systems Solutions

Fuel Systems Solutions is a large multinational company specializing in Alternative Fuels systems and technology.

Artwork for the site was supplied, leaving assembling it for the web as our contribution.