Event Calendar

Ajax Event Calendar

Beautifully simple and intuitive, the Ajax Event Calendar can be populated from a database. Defaults to current month, week or day at your option. Events can be linked to any page, or event details can be presented in a simple popup. Available in a variety of colours. Events can be colour coded and turned on or off by the viewer.

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Shopping Cart

Offered complete with an admin interface allowing full management of the products and categories with just a web browser. Options are limitless but include choice of currency, complex shiping and tax rules as well as categorization, small and large images and product options. Many of our clients have a shopping cart as part of their website but here are a couple samples.

The cart can be matched to your choice of Payment Gateway. Most opt for the simplicity of the PayPal Standard Payment Gateway.

Client Sample  • Client Sample

Image Tools

A collection of design features that can be included in your website.

Image Flow GalleryImage Flow Gallery

Inspired by the iPad this flash and xml based application is a stunning way to present images. Each image can have a caption and a link to any page on the web, even a pdf or image. Works best with smaller images. Can be set to auto play or manual.


CSS Photo AlbumCSS Photo Gallery

Another simple to use gallery which allows presentation of a lot of images at once. Intuitive to use and fast loading. Simple Navigation buttons allow auto play or manual flip.

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Why do YOU have a Website?

Responsive Web Design

All current and future NTech design projects are fully responsive designs that will display equally well regardless of the viewing platform. Read more on Responsive Web Design and why it is no longer an option.