Website Design and Hosting in London Ontario

NTech is a web design and hosting company located in London Ontario. Our specialty is search engine optimization. We also provide custom databases for web applications complete with remote admin and updating capabilities.

No company today can be without a web site. Whether or not your product or service is conducive to online sales, the internet has become far too valuable a marketing tool for any company to ignore.

SEOThe internet has replaced the phone book in my own home, so if I can't find you online, I can't find you at all. True, there are services like and, but not everyone knows that they exist - and not every business is even in them.

Search MarketingYou can think of your web site like a billboard, only better, because instead of counting on people driving by it you can get people driving TO it.

Unlike a billboard though, once you have designed your website and gotten it on the internet, the expenses can be minimal. Web hosting can be arranged for at a very low cost, so if your message is not changing often, it is an easily affordable medium.

Advertisements in magazines, newspapers and billboards all come with a hefty price tag and a limited shelf life.

They also all force you to pin your hopes on making a completely random connection with a person who is not just interested in your product, but will remember seeing your advertisement when they are ready to buy it.

With the web, when someone finds your site, it is because they were looking for it, or your products or services, and that is where NTech comes in.

NTech has a proven history of creating web sites which rank well on search engines and bring quality traffic to the site. For more information see our Search Engine Optimization page and the Projects page.

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